Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Johnson is a New Zealand reporter who worked as a foreign correspondent for more than a decade, mostly out of the Middle East and North Africa. 


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As Syria’s civil war escalates along the Turkish border, many in Turkey are questioning the country’s involvement.

Published On 15 Apr 2014

Domestic violence has soared in the past decade, but shelters for abused women remain scarce.

Published On 10 Feb 2014

A spate of kidnappings over the past year adds a new dimension to the devastating civil war.

Published On 14 Oct 2013

Grim existence for 4.5 million internally displaced people struggling to survive in the war-torn country.

Published On 18 Jul 2013

East African ivory and rhino horn continue to be in high demand, despite international efforts.

Published On 29 Jun 2013
Western tourists will pay to see live elephants, not rotting carcasses [Glen Johnson/Al Jazeera]