Olga Loginova

Olga Loginova

Olga Loginova is a Fellow at Columbia Journalism Investigations, where she reports on the U.S. communities experiencing extreme climate change. Before... , she was a staff journalist at Voice of America, a long-time visual journalist, and a recipient of the journalistic excellence award at RFE/RL. Her recent documentaries include “COVID-19 Diaries” for VICE News, and “Bratva MC, Brooklyn, NY” for Eurasianet. Olga Loginova has covered the COVID-19 and political crises in Belarus for VICE News and Brazil’s Globo. She holds a Master’s in science, health, and environmental reporting from Columbia University, and a Master’s in broadcast and cinematic arts from Central Michigan University.


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Af­ter the coun­try’s dis­put­ed 2020 elec­tions, thou­sands of Be­laru­sians were ar­rest­ed. Many were beat­en and tor­tured.

Published On 17 Mar 2022
An illustration of a police truck with a police officer at the end of the truck with the door open and another police officer restraining a protester and pushing them towards the door at the back of the truck.