Sudan military seizes power from Omar al-Bashir: Full statement

Full text of General Awad Ibn Auf’s statement declaring the overthrow and arrest of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan''s Defence Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf makes an announcement in Sudan
Awad Ibn Auf makes an announcement in Sudan in this still image taken from video on April 11, 2019 [Sudan TV via Reuters]

The following is an English translation of the Arabic statement delivered by General Awad Ibn Auf, Sudan’s vice president and defence minister, on state media on Thursday:

Praise be to Allah Almighty. And peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad. 

To the Sudanese people, peace be upon you all.

The Supreme Security Committee, composed of the armed forces, the police, intelligence and security agencies and the Rapid Support Forces, have been closely watching for a long time what has been happening in the ruling institutions of the state, including mismanagement, corruption, injustice, and the lack of opportunities for the people, especially youth. The poor have become poorer while the rich became wealthier and even hope for equal opportunity for the children of one country was lost. 

The people of this security apparatus have lived the same suffering as the poor, in spite of the resources that our country enjoys. Despite all the suffering, unjust treatment and false promises, the Sudanese people have been patient, tolerant and generous. And in spite of the trouble that has struck the region and some other countries, our people have overcome these phases with skill and wisdom that kept them safe from chaos, disintegration, and a descent into the unknown. 


The youth of Sudan have taken to the streets in a peaceful protest, expressed by their slogans, from December 19, 2018, to the present day. The varied and repetitive crises of daily life and lack of essential services did not serve as a warning to the regime, which persisted in making misleading statements, repeating false promises and insisting on the security solution to the exclusion of all others. 

Hence, the Supreme Security Committee finds it incumbent upon itself to apologise for the loss of life. Mercy be upon our martyrs and we wish a quick recovery to those injured, whether civilians or individuals from the security forces. All individuals affiliated with these forces took pains to deal with this crisis in a professional, efficient manner, in spite of some lapses. 

Honourable people of our nation, you have followed, since April 6, 2019, what has been and still is occurring in the vicinity of and around the general command of the armed forces, as well as the signs of cracks in a venerable institution that the Supreme Security Committee has warned the presidency of, underlining the danger they posed.

The Committee repeated its warning and offered alternatives that it demanded, only to find itself up against a stubborn insistence on the application of security solutions, in spite of a general conviction that such solutions would fail. Such solutions would cause great losses that nobody would be able to foresee.

Therefore, the Supreme Security Committee, including its armed forces and its other members, has decided to execute what the head of the regime (President Omar al-Bashir) did not expect and has taken on the full responsibility of changing the regime for a transitional period of two years.

During this time, the armed forces will take on – with limited representation of the other elements of the Committee – the responsibility of administering the state and preventing the shedding of priceless Sudanese blood.

Accordingly, I, the minister of defence and head of the Supreme Security Committee, announce the removal of the regime, the arrest of its head (al-Bashir), and his detention in a safe location.

I also announce the following.



The formation of a transitional military council to take over the administration of the nation’s government for a transitional period of two years.

The suspension of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan of 2005.

The declaration of a state of emergency for three months and a curfew for one month, from 10pm to 4am.

The closing of Sudanese airspace for 24 hours, as well as all ports of entry in Sudan until further notice.

The dissolution of the presidency, including deputies and assistants, and the dissolution of the cabinet. The undersecretaries will be tasked with conducting all work necessary.

The dissolution of the National Assembly and the Council of States

The dissolution of the state governments and their legislative bodies. The governors and security committees will be tasked to continue their duties.

All components of the judiciary, the constitutional court and general prosecution will function as normal.

A call to all those who bear arms and all armed groups to join the nation and contribute to its building.

Maintaining the day-to-day life of citizens, with no exclusion, revenge, aggression, or attacks on public or private property, and preserving dignity and honour.

A strict imposition of public order, prohibition of any breakdown of order, and the fighting of crime in all its forms.

A ceasefire in all of Sudan.


The immediate release of all political prisoners.

Paving the way for a peaceful transfer of power, the building of political parties and preparation for free and fair elections and a permanent constitution by the end of the transitional period.


A commitment to all treaties, charters and conventions, local, regional and international.

The continued operation of all embassies, missions, diplomatic bodies and accredited organisations in Sudan and Sudan’s embassies overseas.

The preservation of human rights and dignity.

The observation of good neighbourly relations.

Working to maintain balanced international relations that bear in mind the higher interest of Sudan and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

Thirdly, the procedures:

Securing military units, vital locations, bridges, and places of worship; securing and ensuring the continued operation of facilities, communications, ports and air traffic, and securing all services.


Honourable people of Sudan, we, the members of the Transitional Military Council – which will be formed in the second statement – as we undertake to bear this responsibility, are keen to preserve the safety of the citizens and the nation.

We hope the citizens will bear this responsibility with us and tolerate some strict security procedures, doing their part in ensuring the safety and security of Sudan.

Long live Sudan and its honourable people.

Peace be upon you all.

Source: Al Jazeera