Infographic: Who provides the most aid to Ukraine?

US, EU and European states provide most of the military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.


Since October 10, Ukraine has faced several waves of missile attacks against its energy infrastructure.

As Ukrainians brace for further attacks during a bitingly cold winter, they are calling for more weapons from the West, in particular air defence systems for protecting critical facilities.

Some nations are providing Ukraine with more aid than others.

According to the latest data released this week by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, a German think-tank, the United States is Ukraine’s biggest aid donor.

The figures collected by the Kiel Institute quantifies military, financial and humanitarian aid from governments to Ukraine, mainly the EU, and Group of Seven (G7) countries. Military assistance includes weapons, equipment and financial aid for the Ukrainian military. Humanitarian relief covers medical, food and other items for civilians, while financial assistance comes in the form of grants, loans and guarantees.

In total, the US has made available about 47.8 billion euros ($50.3bn) of military, financial and humanitarian aid to Kyiv, with almost half coming in the form of military assistance, while EU institutions such as the European Investment Bank, the EU Commission and Council, and the European Peace Facility provided 35 billion euros ($36.8 bn) in aid to Ukraine, mostly in the form of financial help. The UK was the third-highest contributor of aid to Ukraine with 7.1 billion euros ($7.5bn) pledged between January 24 and November 20.

However, the US, the world’s largest economy, only provides Ukraine with aid that amounts to less than a quarter of a percent (0.23) of its GDP. Contrast that with Baltic countries, such as Estonia whose total bilateral commitments as a percentage of its GDP was 1.1 percent, followed by Latvia with 0.93 percent, Poland 0.5 percent and Lithuania 0.46 percent.

See the map below to see who has contributed the most aid to Ukraine in GDP terms.


Source: Al Jazeera