Rohingya refugees are being displaced, again

The Bangladeshi government is relocating refugees to an island many say is prone to flooding.

Rohingya are seen inside a tent as they wait to get on board a ship as they move to Bhasan Char island in Chattogram, Bangladesh, December 4, 2020 [File: Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters]

Bangladesh has relocated more than 1,700 Rohingya refugees from crowded camps in the country’s southeast to Bhasan Char, an island prone to flooding, and it intends to relocate thousands more.

The Bangladeshi government says the relocations are voluntary, though human rights groups say people are being coerced to move to the island where the conditions are so poor it may lead to a new crisis. It has been difficult to gain access to the island, so we speak to an Al Jazeera correspondent who has been covering the developments and keeping in touch with the Rohingya.

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Mohammed Jamjoom, Al Jazeera Senior Correspondent

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Source: Al Jazeera