Why are so many migrant children going to the US?

There’s an influx of children migrating through the southern border with Mexico. But is the US ready to receive them?

Young children look outside from a pod at the Donna Department of Homeland Security holding facility, the main detention centre for unaccompanied children in the Rio Grande Valley run by the Customs and Border Protection, in Donna, Texas, March 30, 2021 [Dario Lopez-Mills/AP Photo]

The United States Border Patrol estimates that up to 22,000 children could cross the border with Mexico in April. President Joe Biden promised a more humane treatment of migrants than his predecessor, but images of a crowded migrant processing centre in Donna, Texas, with thousands of children crammed in small spaces have many questioning his approach.

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Damià S Bonmatí, national correspondent with Telemundo/NBC Universal.

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Source: Al Jazeera