Democracy Maybe

One Person, One Vote

Exploring the deep flaws in the US democratic system and how it is failing the American people.

A beacon of freedom or the illusion of democracy?

In this look at the United States, we explore the central tenet of democracy – one person, one vote, demonstrated by equal representation of each individual.

How true is this concept in the US, a country that has long presented itself as the home of the free world, but – in reality – where many Americans have been fighting for equal and fair representation for decades?

We hear from communities disproportionately affected by attempts at voter suppression in the US; we delve into the importance of the Black American vote, and we explore why and how Republicans have attempted to suppress Black voters.

From a radical Black Lives Matter leader to members of the far-right organisation, Oathkeepers, the film explores the deep flaws in the American democratic system from very different perspectives, and what this means for US democracy.