Dying Earth

The Final Breath

Exploring the impact of industrial development in the Amazon and the deadly battles to protect this vital rainforest.

Time is running out for the Amazon. Years of unmitigated deforestation have pushed the world’s biggest rainforest to the brink of no return.

The film The Final Breath takes us on a journey to Ecuador through its tropical terrain and brings to light the effects climate change has had on what has commonly become known as the “lungs of the world”. It is a megadiverse country with four different regions, each with a unique natural wealth, a variety of ecosystems and species of plants and animals. It is also home to some of the last Indigenous people on Earth who continue to live in isolation, as well as some of the country’s largest oil reserves. As a result, corporations continue to drill in one of the most environmentally important ecosystems on the planet, moving closer to off-limits zones meant to protect Indigenous people.

This episode explores the ongoing war between big business and climate protectors, and how the Indigenous continue to live and fight climate change despite the threat faced by their homeland.

Special thanks for the footage of the first barrel of oil by Agustin Cuesta Ordóñez with gratitude to the National Ecuador Cinematheque.

Special thanks for the indigenous demonstration video to “AMAZON FRONTLINES”.

Special thanks to Alianza Ceibo.