Fault Lines

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Fault Lines examines how state laws in the US can lead to child sexual abuse in religious communities going unpunished.

Published On 20 Dec 2023
Video Duration 27 minutes 30 seconds

A global chemical giant covered up its product’s links to Parkinson’s. Fault Lines investigates.

Published On 13 Dec 2023
Image of a farmer who developed Parkinson's disease after using toxic pesticide
Video Duration 24 minutes 56 seconds

An environmental prosecutor in Peru tries to disrupt the illegal trade of shark fins that’s harming the world’s oceans.

Published On 6 Dec 2023
Video Duration 24 minutes 57 seconds

Fault Lines examines the toll of solitary confinement through the story of Dennis Hope, who spent 27 years in isolation.

Published On 27 Jun 2023
Video Duration 25 minutes 00 seconds

After a train derailment in Ohio, Fault Lines investigates if the railroad industry has prioritised profits over safety.

Published On 14 Jun 2023
Video Duration 24 minutes 52 seconds