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There is grow­ing pres­sure for the resti­tu­tion of cul­tur­al items in new­ly in­de­pen­dent African coun­tries.

Published On 6 Jul 2022
Video Duration 24 minutes 27 seconds
A photo of an African sculpture.

The 2004 kid­nap and tor­ture of Khalid el-Mas­ri ex­posed the CIA’s ren­di­tion pro­gramme and its ef­fects still felt to­day.

Published On 2 Jun 2022
Video Duration 46 minutes 29 seconds

What can the ex­pe­ri­ences of tack­ling HIV in the glob­al south teach us in this time of COVID-19?

Published On 8 Apr 2022
Video Duration 45 minutes 57 seconds

Putin’s plan or NATO’s ne­glect – A look at the caus­es of Rus­sia’s war on Ukraine and whether it could’ve been pre­vent­ed.

Published On 8 Apr 2022

Un­der bom­bard­ment by Rus­sia, Ukraini­ans fight­ing, sur­viv­ing and flee­ing the in­va­sion show de­fi­ance amid the de­spair.

Published On 1 Apr 2022
Video Duration 46 minutes 46 seconds

Is wa­ter the new oil? We ex­pose the fi­nan­cial­i­sa­tion of wa­ter.

Published On 31 Mar 2022
Video Duration 47 minutes 35 seconds

The diplo­mat­ic and po­lit­i­cal pow­er play by in­ter­na­tion­al forces on all sides dur­ing the ten-year war in Syr­ia.

Published On 22 Nov 2021
Video Duration 46 minutes 40 seconds