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The War in June 1967

The June 1967 Arab-Israeli war lasted only six days but its consequences are still felt across the Middle East today.

The June 1967 War was a milestone in the Arab-Israeli conflict, with consequences still felt across the region to this day.

It altered the political and military landscape, expanded Israel’s territorial claims and confirmed Israel’s military dominance in the region.

This war is known to Arabs as ‘The War in June’ and in Israel as ‘The Six Day War’. It came just two decades after the 1948 ‘Nakba,’ or catastrophe, when the state of Israel was established and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homes and land.

‘The War in June’ looks at the roots of the 1967 War and documents the actual details of six days of battle, before considering the profound long-term consequences of this conflict.

Editor’s note: This documentary uses footage from the Israeli Army Archive at the following timecodes: 19:33, 19:53, and 20:06.