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Assad: Master of Chaos

The diplomatic and political power play by international forces on all sides during the ten-year war in Syria.

After more than 10 years of a devastating war, the man who was Syria’s president at the start is still in place.

Bashar Al Assad was often celebrated as a reformer and a reluctant leader – but that was before the war. Now he’s seen in a different light: a ruthless warrior, a tactical politician determined to retain power, some would say at any price.

This forensic film takes us back through the key diplomatic and political movements that shaped the alliances and power agendas surrounding the war and its outcome. Its premise is that al-Assad was, and remains, a master of chaos, stirring up allies and enemies and playing power games for his own survival.

The film pieces together the moments that made international headlines as well as some secret, behind-the-scenes dealings.

It looks at a grim decade of war that started with popular demands and ended with a savage cleaving of the Syrian population, with global powers staking their claims to parts of the Syrian pie throughout.