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The Full Report: Pakistan – The Great Deluge

A ‘monsoon on steroids’ has affected 33 million Pakistanis and caused unprecedented flooding linked to climate change.

The 2022 floods in Pakistan have brought about an unprecedented disaster that is being attributed to climate change.

In this episode of The Full Report, the country’s officials reveal for the first time that estimated losses could be as high as $40bn. The economy was already in crisis and now the government is appealing for debt relief and urging more help from the global community.

“Humanity’s been sent a memo by nature and that memo has come via Pakistan. We waged a war against nature with burning up with our addiction to fossil fuels and now nature is waging a war on us,” Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s climate change minister, told Al Jazeera.

The government wants world powers to incorporate compensation as part of climate funding for the most vulnerable countries in the Global South.

“Global warming will continue, our glaciers will continue to melt. What’s the way forward? The way forward is that the big polluters, the big emitters, have to make restitution to the Global South. And I don’t mean reparations, I mean restitution, which is compensation in the financial mechanism of loss and damage which should be put on the climate finance agenda,” Rehman said.