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Eleven Days in May

The powerful testimony of Palestinian families in Gaza as they remember 54 of the children killed during the 11 days of Israeli bombing in May 2021.

In 2021, in the 11 days between May 10 and 21, Israel’s bombardment of Gaza killed more than 60 Palestinian children.

This film is a stark, emotional memorial to some of these children, told through family testimony, home footage and images of young lives, lived and lost.

In a grim and repeating pattern, day by day, family by family, their stories unfold: brothers and sisters laugh and cry as they recall shared childhoods; grieving parents relive painful details of the bombings and create memorial tableaus of their children’s possessions; cousins, aunts and neighbours paint a picture of childhood and family life in Gaza.

On some days, entire families were all but wiped out. In a single strike, a man lost his wife and three children, all aged under 10. Another attack killed four siblings from the al-Hadidi family – the eldest, Yousef, was 11 years old. The families address the viewer directly. They share the joys of life before and the pain of funerals after, in a simple yet powerful narrative of 11 devastating days in Gaza.