First Nations Frontline

Native Nation: Voices of survival

An Indigenous American podcast team on a road trip uncover the reality of resource extraction on their sacred land.

Steeped in centuries of tradition, land belonging to the US’s Indigenous communities is sacred to them.

However, decades of unfettered fossil fuel and nuclear ore extraction are killing the land, while climate change is eroding the soil and increasing temperatures.

But the next generation of Indigenous youth is fighting back, albeit using more modern methods.

In this film, we journey across Arizona and New Mexico with Justine Teba – an Indigenous organiser for The Red Nation, a group of Native and non-Native American activists, educators, students, and community organisers advocating for Indigenous communities in the US.

We watch as she navigates through border communities, interviewing Indigenous people from a range of tribes and community groups who are using traditional methods to reclaim their land and history and fight back against some of the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

On the journey with Teba, we also witness the harsh realities of what it still means to be Native in America.