Inside Egypt

War on Gaza: Complicated by Egypt?

Cairo has defended its initiative on Gaza, insisting it gained international support.

Rejected by Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups, Egypt this week said that the ceasefire initiative provides a chance to end fighting and remove the blockade on Gaza.

It also works on achieving the demands made by Palestinians in Gaza.

The US threw its support behind the Egyptian move. On Tuesday, Secretary of State John kerry said the initiative is the framework to end fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Cairo has been at the centre of most of the diplomatic efforts to end the war in Gaza. the UN Secretary General and a number of foreign ministers held talks with the Egyptian leadership on how to end what is happening in Gaza.

For years, Cairo has been crucial in all truces and agreements between the Palestinians and Israel. But can it play the same role this time around? And is a deal possible without Egypt?

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Sarah Eltantawi, assistant professor of comparative religion at Evergreen State College.

Graeme Bannerman, scholar at the Middle East Institute and former Middle East Analyst at the State Department.