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Will Mali’s peace deal hold?

The deal grants Tuareg rebels greater autonomy in northern areas with the aim to end armed rebellion against government.

An alliance of Tuareg-led rebels and the Malian government have signed a peace deal which is meant to draw a line under a 2012 uprising.

The deal should grant the Tuareg rebels greater autonomy in the northern areas of this African country. Mali has been embroiled in chaos since a  coup in 2012.

That area was seized by armed groups linked to al-Qaeda, which prompted a military intervention from a French-led coalition.

The deal could provide some hope after three years of turmoil. But the issue of the Tuareg’s dream of an autonomous homeland remains unresolved.

So, is peace possible? And what are the implications of Mali’s turmoil on an already volatile region.

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Anne Giudicelli, Founder of Terrorisc – A Political and Security Risk Consulting Organisation.

Alessandra Giuffrida, Historian on the North Africa region and Specialist on Malian politics and the Tuareg Nomads.

Attay Ag Abdallah, Spokesman for the Co-ordination of Movements of Azawad.