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Is an Afghan refugee crisis unfolding in Europe?

Thousands of people are scrambling to flee Afghanistan and European nations are concerned about influxes of refugees.

Thousands of Afghans have been trying to leave their country after the Taliban takeover.

It is raising concerns about refugees trying to enter Europe and other countries.

The Taliban’s leaders have promised amnesty to former Afghan army soldiers, as well as contractors and translators who worked for international forces.

Many are being evacuated by Western countries that are taking staff out of Afghanistan.

Some governments have offered resettlement plans to thousands of Afghan refugees.

But countries are not willing to accept them. They are concerned about a repetition of the 2015 refugee crisis.

What can be done to help those who have fled their homes?


Mohammed Jamjoom


Bilal Sarwary – Afghan journalist

Shabia Mantoo – UN refugee agency spokeswoman

Camille Le Coz – Policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute