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What does the US hope to achieve with African leaders’ summit?

President Joe Biden is trying to revive US relations with the continent as China and Russia expand their influence.

US President Joe Biden is hosting a three-day summit with African leaders.

The summit came as China was investing heavily in the continent and Russia has become more involved in regional conflicts.

Barack Obama hosted the first such summit eight years ago.

But under Donald Trump, Washington shifted focus to domestic, rather than foreign, policy.

In the interim, China has been expanding its influence in Africa.

It has invested in development projects and infrastructure, and issued loans.

Russia, too, has been active on the diplomatic front, and has been unofficially involved in several military conflicts.

So, what’s in it for African nations?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Onyekachi Wambu – Columnist at New African magazine.

David Shinn – Former US ambassador and professor at George Washington University.

Einar Tangen – Senior fellow at the Taihe Institute and founder of  Asia Narratives.