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Is West’s opposition to rule by Venezuela’s Maduro fragmenting?

Opposition rejects the Western choice for president, Juan Guaido, leaving Nicolas Maduro firmly in power.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stayed in power with support from Russia, Cuba, China, Turkey and Iran as his country’s economy has crumbled.

Opposition politician Juan Guaido declared himself president three years ago and was backed by the West – but he is on the way out. That’s after the opposition he proclaimed to lead this week rejected his leadership and interim government.

What’s to happen to Venezuela’s foreign assets he controlled?

And what’s next for the country?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Temir Porras, managing director of Global Sovereign Advisory and former deputy foreign minister and adviser to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavz and chief of staff to Maduro

Vanessa Neumann, founder and CEO of Asymmetrica, a political risk firm in New York, and a former official representative for Guaido to the United Kingdom and Ireland

Phil Gunson, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group and a Latin America consultant based in Caracas