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Could a ‘Ferdinand Marcos’ be the Philippines’ next president?

Deposed dictator’s son emerges as frontrunner to replace Rodrigo Duterte in May election.

Campaigning has officially begun in the Philippines for elections in May.

Sixty-seven million voters are set to choose their representatives for Congress and local government, including governors and city mayors.

But it is the race for president that is attracting the most attention.

Ferdinand Marcos Junior, the son of the late leader Ferdinand Marcos, has emerged as frontrunner.

Other leading candidates include a Duterte critic, a former movie star and a boxing icon.

So what does the election tell us about the state of Philippine politics today?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Danilo Arao – Professor of journalism at the University of the Philippines, and a leader of the election watchdog Kontra Daya

Criselda Yabes – Author and journalist

Richard Heydarian – Professor of political science at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and author of, The Rise of Duterte – A Populist Revolt against Elite Democracy.