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What compromises will Russia and Ukraine make to end the war?

Negotiators from Moscow and Kyiv fail to agree a ceasefire during in-person talks in Turkey amid hints at potential compromises.

Negotiators from Russia and Ukraine have held a fourth round of face-to-face talks in Turkey to try and end more than a month of war.

Ukraine has offered to declare its neutrality in return for security guarantees and to discuss the status of the annexed region of Crimea.

But its leadership insists territorial integrity and sovereignty are not up for discussion.

Russia’s military has said it will reduce military activity around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv and the northern city of Chernihiv.

Although previous rounds of talks have failed, is a breakthrough getting closer?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Peter Zalmayev – Executive director, Eurasia Democracy Initiative

Andrey Kortunov – Director general, Russian International Affairs Council

Zachary Paikin – Researcher, EU Foreign Policy Unit, Centre for European Policy Studies