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Is peace on the horizon for Ethiopia’s Tigray region?

Rebels fighting government forces ‘ready’ for African Union-led peace process.

“Seize the opportunity for peace.” That is the United Nations’ message to the Ethiopian government and rebels in the northern Tigray region.

Nearly two years of war have displaced millions of people and created a humanitarian crisis.

Now, fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front say they are open to a ceasefire and are ready to accept an African Union-led peace process, something they have dismissed in the past.

The Ethiopian government has not responded to the proposal.

What led to this announcement?

Will it help to end the humanitarian crisis caused by the war?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Getachew Reda – spokesperson for Tigray People’s Liberation Front

Ustaz Kamil Shemsu – member of the Ethiopian parliament

Teklay Gebremichael – associate editor of Tghat, a website documenting possible war crimes in Tigray

William Davison – senior Ethiopia analyst at International Crisis Group