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Why are so many jobs being shed in Big Tech?

Hundreds of thousands of people laid off in just over a year as major tech firms cut back.

On Friday, 12,000 Google employees opened an email telling them their jobs are gone.

The cuts follow those at others like Meta – the owner of Facebook and Whatsapp – as well as Twitter and Microsoft.

More than 200,000 jobs have been axed in the technology sector in just more than a year.

Some blame over-recruitment during the height of the pandemic. Others, wrong strategies for the future – and then there’s the worsening economic climate.

Why are so many jobs being lost in the industry worldwide?

And is Big Tech in big trouble?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

Elaine Burke – Science and technology journalist, and Host of the For Tech’s Sake podcast.

Jim Anderson – Chief executive officer of Beacon Software and social media sector lead at Glasswing Ventures.

Adrian Weckler – Technology editor at the Irish Independent newspaper.