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What are the root causes of modern-day slavery?

A report finds 50 million people globally are victims of forced unpaid labour.

An estimated 50 million people globally were living in modern-day slavery as recently as 2021.

Walk Free, a report by the International Rights Group, suggests the figure increased by 10 million within five years.

The reasons are complex, but extreme weather, migration and armed conflicts are exposing entire communities to exploitation.

Low-income countries are at the centre of this issue. But findings show consumerism and demands from rich nations are contributing to the problem.

So what’s being done to stop it?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Sophie Otiende – CEO of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery and a survivor of human trafficking

Phil Robertson – deputy director of the Asia Division at Human Rights Watch

Grace Forrest – founding director of Walk Free, an international human rights group focused on eradicating modern slavery and publisher of the Global Slavery Index.