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How can Peru’s political crisis be resolved?

Inflation, a growing wealth divide and the killing of dozens of demonstrators by troops are driving instability.

Protesters have taken to the streets of Peru this week as demonstrators demand President Dina Boluarte’s government step down.

Rising prices, the killing of dozens of demonstrators by troops and a growing wealth divide are all driving political instability.

Former leftist President Pedro Castillo remains in jail, removed from office last December after trying to suspend Congress, which is dominated by right-wing parties.

So how fragile is Peru’s young democracy? And can this crisis be resolved?

Presenter: Cyril Vanier


Paola Ugaz – Journalist who has spent her career investigating injustice and human rights abuses globally

Javier Farje – Independent international analyst

Jo-Marie Burt – Associate professor of political science and Latin American studies at George Mason University