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Is Germany complicit in Israel’s war on Gaza?

Nicaragua alleges Germany violated UN Genocide Convention by supplying Israel while aware there was a risk of genocide.

Nicaragua has asked the International Court of Justice to order Germany to stop supplying Israel with weapons.

The case joins two others involving Israel already before the court.

Nicaragua’s case is more broad, drawing on both the Genocide and Geneva Conventions, and is notable for being the first to involve two countries not directly involved in the alleged atrocities.

Governments around the world will undoubtedly take notice.

So, what does this case mean for other countries that contribute to Israel’s extensive military network?

Presenter: James Bays


Matthias Goldmann – Senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Diana Buttu – Palestinian lawyer and advocate of the Palestinian cause

Kenneth Roth – Visiting professor at the Princeton School for Public and International Affairs and former executive director of Human Rights Watch