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What will be the fallout from the battle in the Sudanese city of el-Fasher?

Fighting has intensified around the capital of Sudan’s North Darfur state.

Fighting has intensified in Sudan’s northwestern Darfur region.

The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces are advancing on the city of el-Fasher – the Sudanese army’s last stronghold in the area.

The war that started in April 2023 has displaced millions of people and left many more on the brink of starvation.

The UN Security Council is seeking to address the crisis at the request of the UK – but so far, actions by the international community, have proved largely ineffective.

So, is the conflict in Sudan approaching a critical point?

And can anything be done to protect civilians caught in the crossfire?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Dallia Mohamed Adelmoniem – Political commentator and analyst

Mathilde Vu – Norwegian Refugee Council’s advocacy adviser

Hala Alkarib – Regional director of the SIHA Network