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Are Israel and Hezbollah on the verge of full-blown war?

Tensions between the Israeli military and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah are at an all-time high.

They have been engaged in low-level hostilities for more than eight months.

Israel’s assassination of one of Hezbollah’s most senior commanders last week, however, has led to an escalation.

United States President Joe Biden sent a special envoy to the region, hoping to defuse tensions and prevent a wider conflict.

But has it worked?

And with no sign the Israeli military is close to ending its war on Gaza, is it on the brink of opening up a second front in the north?

Presenter: Neave Barker


Nicholas Noe – Editor-in-chief of the Beirut-based

Robert Geist Pinfold – Lecturer in peace and security at Durham University

Mohanad Hage Ali – Deputy research director at the Malcolm H Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center