Planet SOS

Protecting Earth’s water and life that depends on it

Planet SOS explores the battle for scarce water resources amid climate crisis. Plus, COP25 in Madrid.

As our planet warms and poor water and land use practices contaminate our waterways and damage the environment, global water supplies are being affected. Planet SOS looks at what is being done to protect this vital resource.

Al Jazeera’s Nick Clark travels to Kenya‘s Mara River Basin. It is home to more than a million people and a spectacular array of biodiversity, but it is also one of the front lines of the climate and ecological crisis affecting our planet.

Deforestation, pollution and climate change are affecting the vast river systems there. An increase in extreme weather events is compounding the challenges.

We speak to the local people working to preserve the health of the waterways and the life within them for the benefit of communities and wildlife that depend on them.

Haru Mutasa meets fishing communities in Uganda living on the shores of Africa’s largest lake where diminishing fish stocks are having a knock-on effect on lives and livelihoods.

And Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker investigates the boom in hydropower in Georgia, a clean but highly controversial way of generating energy.

As global carbon dioxide emissions hit another record high this year, Planet SOS looks at what the world’s biggest emitter, China, is doing to address its emissions challenges.

And we look at the issues on the table at COP25, the annual climate gathering in Madrid aimed at bringing greenhouse gas emissions down.

Finally, Paul Rhys is in Sweden, a country taking waste reduction more seriously than most.