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‘No revenge’: Martin Fayulu on DRC elections and corruption

The DRC opposition’s presidential candidate discusses the elections, corruption and his country’s future post-Kabila.

One year ago, Martin Fayulu was barely known beyond the Democratic Republic of the Congo‘s capital Kinshasa, until he was nominated as the presidential candidate of the opposition Lamuka coalition.

Fayulu’s campaigns have been marred by violence with security forces using tear gas and live ammunition to disrupt his political rallies and to stop him from accessing some parts of the country.

But the 62-year-old is supported by two political heavyweights: former DRC Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba, who has been barred from standing in the long-delayed election, and self-exiled ex-provincial Governor Moise Katumbi, who says he was prevented from returning to Kinshasa to submit his candidacy.

Some opinion polls say Fayulu is the biggest threat to President Joseph Kabila‘s preferred ruling party candidate, ex-Minister of the Interior Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. But can he win the election?

“People of Congo are asking for the truth and justice,” Fayulu told Al Jazeera who said that the long-delayed December 30 elections were “deliberately disorganised”.

“I cannot see how Mr Shadary can win. I doubt anyone will have the courage to proclaim Shadary as the winner. It will be a provocation … Please, no provocation … They tried any other strategy … The country has lost time to develop itself. And today we are ready. This is the new era. The era of dignity of Congolese and prosperity of Congolese,” said Fayulu.

“If I am elected, there will not be revenge. But we’ll sanitise the country. We’ll have that rule: Zero tolerance for corruption.”

With election results still pending, the DRC opposition’s presidential candidate Martin Fayulu spoke to Al Jazeera about the elections, corruption and the future of his country – post-Kabila.