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A pan­dem­ic, a quest for racial jus­tice, a di­vi­sive elec­tion – 2020 was one of the most tur­bu­lent years in US his­to­ry.

Published On 11 Feb 2021
Video Duration 01 hours 38 minutes 58 seconds

What is Chi­na? How an­cient Chi­nese prin­ci­ples help ex­plain the preser­va­tion, pow­er and prob­lems of mod­ern Chi­na.

Published On 10 Dec 2019
Video Duration 48 minutes 53 seconds
Soldiers of People''s Liberation Army (PLA) are seen before a giant screen as Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the military parade

How will Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence be used in the fu­ture? Who will it be used by and who will it be used against?

Published On 13 Jun 2019
Video Duration 47 minutes 33 seconds
The Big Picture: The World According To AI

What led to Muam­mar Gaddafi’s down­fall and the break-up of Libya?

Published On 5 Nov 2018
Video Duration 10 minutes 51 seconds
The Big Picture - The Death of Gaddafi

The lega­cy of the life and death of Colonel Muam­mar Gaddafi.

Published On 18 Oct 2018
Video Duration 01 hours 34 minutes 05 seconds
The Lust for Libya - The Big Picture

What led to the eco­nom­ic col­lapse of Latin Amer­i­ca’s rich­est coun­try?

Published On 14 Feb 2018
Video Duration 10 minutes 14 seconds

The Big Pic­ture ex­am­ines the present-day cri­sis in Venezuela by ex­plor­ing the di­vi­sions root­ed in its past.

Published On 9 Feb 2018
Video Duration 48 minutes 55 seconds
The Big Picture Venezuela DO NOT USE

We ex­plore the con­struc­tion of the Amer­i­can Dream and un­cov­er the re­al­i­ty of ex­clu­sion and de­nial.

Published On 16 Feb 2017
Video Duration 47 minutes 33 seconds
President Donald Trump