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How Israel is responding to the ICJ ruling

The ICJ’s order to Israel to stop acts of genocide marks a watershed in the Gaza war.

Part 1: What does the ICJ ruling mean for Israel?

Judgement day at the International Court of Justice. The court has ruled the people of Gaza must be protected from genocidal acts carried out by Israel.

Richard Gizbert is joined by producer Tariq Nafi to discuss the impact this ruling could have on how the media discuss the war in Gaza.

Part 2: Mohammed el-Kurd on Palestinian resistance

Writer and journalist Mohammed el-Kurd in a video essay on Palestinian resistance and the Western media’s warped coverage of Palestine.

Mohammed el-Kurd – Writer and journalist

Part 3: India: Temple opening or election campaign kickoff?

A long-anticipated – and deeply contentious – consecration of a Hindu temple in India this past week featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi front and centre.

The country’s mainstream media enthusiastically played along, giving Modi valuable airtime in what is an election year.

Apoorvanand – Professor, Delhi University
Seema Chishti – Editor, The Wire
Pamela Philipose – Author, Media’s Shifting Terrain
Sreemoy Talukdar – Deputy executive editor, Firstpost