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Israel’s PR battle is getting harder

As Israel’s bombing of Gaza intensifies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a rift in his war cabinet and growing international pressure. And yet, this is a war that the vast majority of Israelis continue to support – thanks in no small part to one-sided coverage by Israeli media.


Yael Berda – Associate professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dalia Fahmy – Associate professor of political science, Long Island University
Tahani Mustafa – Senior Palestine analyst, International Crisis Group
Michael Omer-Man – Director of research for Israel-Palestine, DAWN

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South Africans are voting this month and, for the first time in 30 years, the ruling African National Congress’s majority is under threat. Meenakshi Ravi reports on the ANC’s attempts to interfere with the public broadcaster.

FAKE: India’s Digital Deception

India’s elections are under way, and deepfakes are proliferating all over social media. Johanna Hoes looks at how the technology enables politicians to make fake content look convincing, and dismiss genuine content as fake.


Henry Ajder – Co-founder, Latent Space
Divyendra Singh Jadoun – Synthetic media artist
Mitali Mukherjee – Director of journalist programmes, Reuters Institute