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We need to talk about Zionism

The Listening Post cuts through the confusion about Zionism and anti-Zionism in Western media and politics.

In the coverage of Israel-Palestine in the Western media, an ideology that is central to the story – Zionism – rarely gets discussed. Instead, we hear a debate about whether opposition to it – anti-Zionism – is anti-Semitic.

The Listening Post’s Daniel Turi reports on Zionism, the confusion that surrounds it, and what it tells us about the world’s longest-running occupation.

Bernard Avishai – Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sherene Seikaly – Associate Professor of History, University of California at Santa Barbara
Avi Shlaim – Emeritus Fellow, University of Oxford

Jewish anti-Zionism in the US: An interview with Simone Zimmerman

Anti-Zionist Jews have formed a key part of the protests across the United States against Israel’s war on Gaza. Given the importance of US support for Israel, it’s a movement that could prove pivotal.

We hear from one of its leaders, Simone Zimmerman, whose own transition away from Zionism forms the core of the recent award-winning documentary, Israelism.

Simone Zimmerman – Co-Founder, IfNotNow

Archive material from YIVO Institute for Jewish Research