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Why are Gen Z and Millennials ditching their smartphones for dumb phones?

We’ll explore how some people are ditching their smartphones for old-school dumb phones and embracing low-tech living.

Did you know the average user could spend up to 5.5 years of their life on social media? We’re living in a time dominated by smartphones and constant connectivity. But more and more people are saying they want to reclaim their time by going back to the basics.

This switch is fuelled by the desire for stronger mental wellbeing. In this episode, we’ll explore how people are trying to break the addictive grip of social media and whether this is signalling a broader change in society’s relationship with technology.

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Shayonne DasGupta – Writer
Jose Briones – Content Creator & Digital Minimalist
Sophia Smith Galer – Journalist & Content Creator
Pete Judo – Behavioural Scientist & Content Creator
Marco Prince – Tech Content Creator