The Stream

Why ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ viral campaign did nothing to stop Gaza massacres

A viral AI-generated image shared more than 50 million times sparks a discussion about solidarity and depiction of reality.

After a deadly Israeli air strike on Rafah, an AI-generated image circulating on Instagram aimed to generate global solidarity for Palestinians in Gaza. Despite controversy over its sanitised portrayal, the “All Eyes on Rafah” message gained momentum, prompting individuals and groups worldwide to focus on the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The AI image and its slogan have become a unifying cry for action, echoed by celebrities, athletes and advocacy organisations, leading to discussions on how to help the people of Gaza. On The Stream, we will delve into why the AI image went viral and the value of this type of social media activism.

Presenter: Anelise Borges

Helmi Hirez – displaced Palestinian
Mo Hirez – displaced Palestinian
Dr Mohamad Abdelfattah – Palestinian American Medical Association
Ameera Kawash – artist
Farrah Koutteineh – Key48return founder and writer
Duaa Tuaima – journalist