The Stream

How do activists sustain momentum while advocating online?

We’ll explore how organisers find new ways to ‘beat the algorithm’ and keep their audiences – and themselves – engaged.

Social media fatigue and desensitisation to global crises often occur online, especially when the situation has persisted for decades. So how do you keep the world interested in your cause? Social media have proven to be a powerful tool for mobilising and raising awareness. In this episode, we speak to a Palestinian activist, a climate activist and a feminist organiser about their innovative techniques to keep the world talking. We discuss the importance of storytelling and building a community online to effectively educate, engage and inspire action.

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Ky Polanco – co-founder, Feminist
Jenan Matari – Palestinian storyteller and activist
Mitzi Jonelle Tan – climate justice activist
Dr Hala Alyan – clinical psychologist