The Stream

The other side of Gaza Palestinians want you to see

There is another side to Gaza which its people are keen to show: its beauty.

When you say Gaza, what do you see? What images come to mind? For many people, it will be the death and destruction of the last few months. But there is another side to Gaza that its inhabitants are keen to highlight – its beauty.

And remembering that now, is its own form of resistance. Stunning sunsets. Families picnicking on the beach. Teenagers riding horses through cobbled streets. The destruction of a people – genocide – comes through the destruction of its culture and living space. As the International Court of Justice examines the case against Israel, we remember Gaza in all its glory to remind us all of the true picture of Palestine’s coastal lands.

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Suhail Nassar – Photographer
Nahed Elrayes – Palestinian Artist and musician
Samah Sabawi – Playwright and scholar
Abdul Karim Sabawi – Author and poet
Andrew McConnell – Photographer and filmmaker