Surviving a Sinister Sect: Chile’s Colonia Dignidad

A survivor of Chile’s Colonia Dignidad unites with a journalist and a lawyer in a 20-year struggle to find justice and freedom.

In 2003, Franz Baar escaped Colonia Dignidad, a German cult-like sect in Chile, hoping for freedom.

After surviving decades of torture and abuse, he joined forces with a journalist and a lawyer to expose the sect and its cult-like leader. The three have been by each other’s side ever since.

But Franz and his wife struggle to reintegrate into society. Reluctantly, they return to live in a house on the land of the former colony where they soon find themselves ostracised. In an act of desperation, Franz does the unthinkable which leads to his imprisonment.

Yet freedom still beckons with a call from Chile’s beautiful but isolated Eleventh Region.

Surviving a Sinister Sect is a film by Rafa Valdeavellano.