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Al Jazeera’s Bar­ry Mal­one ex­plains who al-Shabab are and what they stand for.

Published On 13 Jul 2015
One Minute Al-Shabab - Barry Malone

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith ex­plains what’s at stake in Turkey’s 2015 gen­er­al elec­tion.

Published On 13 Jul 2015
One Minute Turkey Election - Bernard Smith

Al Jazeera’s Kamahl San­ta­maria ex­plains the back­ground of the Greek debt cri­sis.

Published On 5 Jul 2015
One Minute Greek

Nige­ria will hold its pres­i­den­tial elec­tion on March 28. Al Jazeera’s Mo­hammed Adow ex­plains what’s at stake.

Published On 25 Mar 2015
Mo Addow Screen Grab

Want to make sense of what’s go­ing on in Yemen? Our cor­re­spon­dent Hashem Ahel­bar­ra ex­plains in 60 sec­onds.

Published On 8 Feb 2015
Hashem Ahelbarra