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Marta Kasztelan


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Bartek ‘doesn’t have a prob­lem’ and isn’t ‘sick’. He has As­perg­er’s and is on a mis­sion to chal­lenge stereo­types.

Published On 9 Nov 2017
AJShort Real Autism 1

Like oth­ers, Bopha was ar­rest­ed over a non­vi­o­lent crime, but af­ter a long pre-tri­al de­ten­tion her fam­i­ly was torn apart.

Published On 18 Jan 2016
Cambodia''s Homeless on the Streets of Phnom Penh

Left to their own de­vices, tens of thou­sands of Pol­ish women trav­el abroad to ter­mi­nate un­want­ed preg­nan­cies.

Published On 20 Dec 2014