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Al-Qae­da gets the most at­ten­tion, but lo­cal groups and eth­nic fight­ers are part of a com­pli­cat­ed mix of in­sta­bil­i­ty.

Published On 17 Jan 2013
Mali - National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA)

Amid de­ser­ti­fi­ca­tion and drought, ten­sions rise as ri­val armed groups vie for con­trol of the im­pov­er­ished re­gion.

Published On 8 Jul 2012
Secular Tuareg rebels have been fighting for greater rights for over 50 years [May Ying Welsh/Al Jazeera]

55 years ago to­day, the Re­pub­lic of Su­dan be­came a na­tion, an an­niver­sary like­ly to be its last.

Published On 1 Jan 2011
Sudan Flag Raising

In the main square of Bagh­dad’s largest Shia ghet­to, an el­der­ly man in the worn uni­form of the for­mer Iraqi air force di­rects don­key and car traf­fic with a ping-pong pad­dle.

Published On 27 Apr 2004

In the crowd­ed and wind­ing streets of al-Ad­hamiya, a 1000-year-old Sun­ni lo­cal­i­ty of Bagh­dad, ex­plo­sions from mor­tars and grenades and long vol­leys of ma­chine gun fire break out every half hour.

Published On 14 Apr 2004