Book late, go local: How holidaymakers’ habits are changing

Booking site Skyscanner says searches for travel within a week have risen since lockdowns began to be eased in June.

Avianca Airlines check in
Low-cost airlines could be beneficiaries of the trend towards short-haul flights as people choose to holiday close to home, online booking site Skyscanner says [File: Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters]

The coronavirus pandemic has radically altered many people’s habits, including how they book their holidays, new research shows.

The air travel market has shifted towards last-minute bookings, one-way flights and more domestic trips as consumers grapple with fast-moving changes due to COVID-19, according to a new report by online search and booking site Skyscanner.

The new trend will be an advantage for low-cost carriers that are able to offer competitive pricing amid an uncertain future for business travel, which was previously a major profit driver for full-service airlines, the report said.

“I think generally we have seen, if you look at the market prices are much keener than you would expect,” Skyscanner Vice President Commercial and Flights Hugh Aitken told Reuters in a phone interview. “That just reflects that airlines have capacity and need to fill that capacity.”

Visits to the Skyscanner website, owned by Group Ltd, are down between 60-70 percent due to the pandemic’s impact on travel demand, Aitken said.


Searches to travel within a week have been trending upward since June, around the time that lockdowns ended in many countries, according to Skyscanner’s data. Globally, these searches are up about 20 percent from a year earlier.

“When you see restrictions being lifted there is a frenzy,” Aitken said, using the example of when the United Kingdom stopped requiring quarantines upon return from many countries.

“But equally, when we see the potential that a restriction will be added, there is a big lift because that is just people … scrambling on how to get home again,” he said.

Domestic travel searches are higher globally, mainly in Asia, though there has been a slight improvement in international searches in recent months, according to the Skyscanner report published on Tuesday.

Searches for longer-dated trips are becoming more popular as travellers bet on future border openings, including examples such as from the UK to United States destinations such as Orlando and New York for next year, Skyscanner said.

The International Air Transport Association said passenger travel demand was down 79.8 percent in July from a year earlier and forecasts it will take until 2024 for travel to return to pre-crisis levels.

Skyscanner says it will take several years before business travel returns to previous levels, forcing some airlines to rethink their strategies and reconfigure their plane cabins.

Source: Reuters