The names and faces of the 16 children killed in Gaza

Three days of Israeli bombardment in Gaza killed at least 44 Palestinians, including 16 children.

Israel and the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad declared a truce late Sunday after three days of heavy Israeli bombardment on the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the latest official information from the Palestinian health ministry, 44 Palestinians, including 16 children, were killed and at least 350 civilians wounded.

Since 2008, Israel has waged four wars on the Palestinian territory, killing nearly 4,000 people – one-quarter of them children.

According to data compiled by Defense for Children International, at least 2,200 children have been killed by the Israeli military and Israeli settlers across the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 2000 – the beginning of the second intifada.

Here are the names and faces of the 16 children aged 18 and under killed by Israeli air strikes over the past three days:

Interactive_Gaza_ChildrenKilled_Aug9_WITH HANEEN_2022-01
(Al Jazeera)

The names are:

Jamil Najm al-Deen Naijm,4
Alaa Abdullah Riyad Qaddoum, 5
Momen al-Nairab, 5
Haneen Abu Qaida, 8
Hazem Salem, 9
Ahmad al-Nairab, 11
Jamil Ihab Najim, 13
Muhammad Yasser Nimr al-Nabahin, 13
Dalia Yasser Nimr al-Nabaheen, 13
Mohammed Hassouna, 14
Hamed Haider Najim, 16
Nazmi Fayez Abu Karsh, 16
Ahmed Walid al-Farram, 16
Mohammed Salah Naijm, 17
Khalil Abu Hamada, 18

Source: Al Jazeera