Ukraine missiles damage bridge to Crimea: Russian officials

The Chonhar road bridge connecting Kherson to Crimea is damaged but there are no casualties, Russian-appointed officials say.

Ukrainian missiles have struck the Chonhar road bridge connecting Crimea with Russian-held parts of the southern Kherson region, according to Russian-appointed officials.

The so-called “gate to Crimea”, known to Russians by a different spelling as the Chongar bridge, is one of a handful of links between Crimea – which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014 – and mainland Ukraine.

It is on a route used by the Russian military to move between Crimea and other parts of Ukraine under its control.

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Russian investigators said four missiles had been fired by Ukrainian forces at the bridge, the RIA news agency reported.

It quoted a spokesman for military investigators as saying that markings found on the remains of one of the missiles suggested it had been made in France.

A view shows the damaged Chonhar bridge
A view shows the damaged Chonhar bridge connecting Russian-held parts of Ukraine’s Kherson region to the Crimean peninsula [Vladimir Saldo via Telegram/Handout via Reuters]

Al Jazeera’s Ali Hashem, reporting from Mariupol, said one of the three bridges in the area was damaged.

“Some analysts say that the attack came due to fear that the Russians are mobilising from that region for the army to resupply towards Kherson,” he said. “… Now we are still waiting to hear more from the Russian side about how this will be dealt with.”

Russian-appointed officials

Vladimir Saldo, the Russian-appointed governor of Kherson, parts of which Russian forces have captured during what Moscow calls its “special military operation”, said the road bridge had been damaged but that there were no casualties.

One picture Saldo posted on Telegram showed a large hole in the bridge’s surface with water visible beneath it and debris scattered nearby. Saldo suggested Ukraine may have used British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles for the attack.

“The Kyiv terrorists want to intimidate Kherson residents and sow panic among the population, but they will not succeed. We know how to repair bridges quickly: vehicle passage will be restored in the very near future,” he said.

“We have an answer to every move by the enemy. A link between the Kherson region and Crimea continues to operate – a reserve route has been temporarily organised for vehicular traffic.”

Sergei Aksyonov, Crimea’s Russian-appointed governor, told people to stay calm and said specialists were examining the site to determine when traffic over the bridge could resume.

Ukraine’s remarks

Kyiv says it wants to retake Crimea and drive all Russian forces from its territory.

Yuriy Sobolevsky, a Ukrainian official on the governing body for the Kherson region, said the attack was “a blow to the military logistics of the occupiers”.

“The psychological impact on the occupiers and the occupying power is even more important. There is no place on the territory of Kherson region where they can feel safe,” he said on the Telegram messaging application.

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies