A fight for survival among Chile’s Indigenous people

The Mapuche people say Chile has exploited their lands and community.

Mapuche Indigenous people protest against the Chilean government and demand the release of an imprisoned spiritual authority in Comuna Imperial, 35km south of Temuco in Chile, August 17, 2020 [File: Mario Quilodran/AFP]

It is a story you may not have heard: the eternal conflict of Chile’s Indigenous people fighting against government and industry for recognition and rights. This year, the ongoing land struggle between the Chilean government and the Mapuche nation has become more violent than ever before, and the path to de-escalation is muddy and fraught.

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Lucia Newman (@lucianewman), Al Jazeera correspondent in Chile.

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Priyanka Tilve produced this episode with Malika Bilal, Abigail Ony Nwaohuocha, Negin Owliaei, Dina Kesbeh, Alexandra Locke, Ney Alvarez and Amy Walters.

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Source: Al Jazeera