Living on the verge of the world’s first climate-induced famine

Last year, humanitarian aid improved the situation, but Madagascar’s Grand Sud remains in precarious conditions.

A woman feeds therapeutic milk to a five-month old.
Five-month old Berto, who is suffering from complications from acute malnutrition, is fed therapeutic milk by his grandmother, Lalandy, in Ambovombe’s hospital in Androy region, Madagascar. [Joseph Stepansky/Al Jazeera] (Al Jazeera)

Climate scientists are warning that rising temperatures will continue to worsen food insecurity and hunger cycles in southern Madagascar. In 2021, the World Food Program said that years of extreme weather events pushed the country into the “world’s first climate-induced famine”. This year, the situation remains dire, with 61% of the country’s Grand Sud affected by drought and high levels of food insecurity. In this episode, we explore the region and hear from locals about how they struggle to survive.

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Source: Al Jazeera