How are Black American farmers reclaiming their land?

Through the Agrarian Commons, communities of colour are transforming land ownership in the US.

A farmer works at Garden Variety Harvests in Roanoke, Virginia, United States.
A farmer works at Garden Variety Harvests in Roanoke, Virginia, the United States [Photo courtesy of Garden Variety Harvests]

Black farmers have lost 98 percent of their land over the past century due to factors that include discrimination from the United States Department of Agriculture. Now, with a growing food crisis that disproportionately affects them, a new generation of farmers and organisers are acquiring back that lost land to provide a reliable food source for their communities.

In this episode:

  • Kofi Boone (@KBbop), professor of landscape architecture at North Carolina State University
  • Kenya Crumel, director of Black Land & Power Initiative at the National Black Food & Justice Alliance
  • Cam Terry, owner and farmer with Garden Variety Harvests

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