Artificial intelligence: friend or foe?

Experts predict AI will be more intelligent than humans one day. What can humans do about it?

A human and robot touching the tip of their index fingers with a small blue sparkling light seemingly emanating from their contact in this computer illustration.
Mo Gawdat predicts AI will be considerably smarter than humans. [Getty Images]

Mo Gawdat, author and former chief business officer at Google X, predicts that AI will become a billion times smarter than humans. The time is now, he says, to influence it with the right ethics to have humanity’s best interests in mind. Artificial intelligence is becoming unavoidable with smart devices in every aspect of our lives, and AI image and text generation reaching new heights. So, is it time to make friends with AI?

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  • Mo Gawdat (@MGawdat), author and former chief business officer of Google X

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